Heal me, please!

Amongst several problems we have here in Brazil, one that is really severe is our public health system. Hospitals have a routine of crowded rooms and halls everyday, with a huge lack of medics and medical equipment. Doctors and nurses are paid terribly low, making the level of attendance fall at lots of units. Also, some hospitals are located near what we call here “conflict zones”, zones that are poor, dominated by drug dealers and violence, which sometimes are inaccessible for doctors to reach.

For example, haemophiliacs are suffering in the entire country without receiving properly their medication. This situation started one month ago, and nothing has yet been done about it. People with liver problems also face several difficulties to receive pills, injections and care. Equipment to detect cancer is obsolete and]or not working in several hospitals. There’s a lack of bandages, surgical instruments, beds… and so on.

There’s one single issue that, as far as I know, deserves to get a good rating. I’m talking about our HIV/Aids program. Public health stations are giving regularly the pills these patients need. But, as I said, this affirmation goes as far as I know. But one point continue to lack among the STDs program: a correct and continuous distribution of condoms. People with no money to buy condoms in the drugstore will surely face difficulties to get one free.

It’s a shame when you see you homeland fellows, and yourself, so badly cared by the government. I believe our health system is one of the major anchors that leaves us parked in the third world country class. For now, if we cant take a painkiller, we go on swallowing the hope of a better day tomorrow.


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