Campaigns under siege

Supreme Electoral Court discussing army forces in Rio de Janeiro

Supreme Electoral Court discuss
sending army forces to Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Supreme Electoral Court has authorized today the use of army forces in Rio de Janeiro, in order to guarantee a free-of-violence campaign period for the city’s candidates for mayor. Union forces are now waited to act togheter with local police and Federal Police.

Since the campaigns period started, a couple of months ago, several candidates have been prohibited by drug dealers to enter some favelas (slums). This outlaw force has also prohibited journalists to cover campaigns in those places. Only candidates supported by drug dealers are welcome in certain poor communities, leaving democracy and free will of choice for inhabitants behind.

In a certain way, I’m surely in favor of the army in my city. We live today a situation of civil war that hasn’t been treated like a civil war so far by no one in power. Of course. With a vast majority of voters living in poor areas, actions to stop drug dealers would certainly affect people living there. By consequence, mayors and governors would have their votes affected too.

But, in other way, I feel awfully ashamed of this. It’s a sad, sad feeling for cariocas (how Rio de Janeiro born citizens are named) to live in such a beautiful place, but without any sort of freedom.

I keep asking myself why politicians have led Rio de Janeiro to the actual situation of total abandon. Maybe the answer is written above in the third paragraph. But I believe it’s more, it’s got to be more. I can’t accept that my dear city is abandoned and thrown into it’s own luck because of one or two men greed. I can’t accept that, as years go by, as elections go by, things continue to be the same.

The presence of army forces, as “comfortable” as it seems, just serve to tell us one more time in the face: Rio de Janeiro is gone.

We have had army support several times in the past, but we must remember that their presence should be seen as band-aid, something that must be removed after the cut stops bleeding. The problem is that our blood never stops to drop.

I hope at least that, from now ’till the day of voting, people, wherever they live, rich or poor, are able to see, listen and choose any candidates they want. Democracy is the main pillar for hope in every place. If we lose this, than you can consider us officially dead.

Speaking of hope, I hope the next mayor will be more serious, more efficient, more fair and more in love with Rio de Janeiro than the actual one. Let’s see.


One response to “Campaigns under siege

  1. Hi my name is Dana. I just came across your blog. If you would like to expose a terrible violation of human rights, please visit this link: There is currently a young boy, named Sean Goldman, who has been abducted from the USA to Brazil by his mother. Although a court order stated the boy was to be immediately returned to his father, Brazil has yet to honor it, four years later. The mother is now deceased and her widower STILL refuses to return the child to his only living parent. This new husband is a prominent family lawyer in Brazil named Joao Paulo Lins e Silva. He and his father, Paulo Lins e Silva, are experts in the field of family law and have used all of their connections to illegally harbor this child. The story is recently gaining worldwide publicity, except in Brazil because of a media ban issued by a judge that Lins e Silva himself petitioned! The oppression and disregard for the law here is terrible and what is worse is that citizens of Brazil will never even realize because the very same people abusing the law are the ones banning the press from exposing them. Shed some light on this situation in South America! The entire world is learning of the case and wondering why no one is doing anything about it in Brazil, the problem is, hardly anyone in Brazil even knows this is going on except the local courts in Rio, who are under this corrupt family’s thumb. Don’t let these immoral people tarnish the reputation of everyone!

    Here is one news stations account:

    Piaui magazine also covered this story, ignoring the media ban:

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