R.E.M. back in Brazil!

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That’s it. The so expected announcement of R.E.M. returning to Brazil has been officially made just a few days ago in their official website. Check their tour dates in South America:

R.E.M.'s south american tour dates

R.E.M.'s south american tour dates

It’s the second time the band performs here. The first was back in 2001, live in Rock in Rio 3 festival (nice times when Rock in Rio actually took place in Rio…). They performed in front of 175 thousand people, their largest audience ’till today, and I was there.

Michael Stipe, Mike Mills and Peter Buck

Michael Stipe, Mike Mills and Peter Buck

R.E.M. was definitely the best (or one of the best) bands to perform in Rock in Rio 3, and they went away leaving me and everybody hurt, missing them for such a long time. If you want to have an idea of what R.E.M.’s performance in Rio de Janeiro was, check this video.

I remember the stage lights lighting up at each song, creating awesome scenarios behind the band. That night I even couldn’t hold down my tears when they performed the song Everybody Hurts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video of this performance on the web, but check this one out. The band and London crowd did a good job too.

The good news are given, now we just have to wait until ticket prices are released. It will probably be an attempt of robbery by the Arena administrators, as usually happens when big bands come to Brazil.

Speaking of big bands, there’s a small wave of mainstreamers starting to splash at our ports. Muse came here last month, and Madonna is performing in a few days. Newspapers have printed that Maroon 5, Stone Temple Pilots and Duran Duran are having their entry visas checked – probably they will perform in november, same as R.E.M.

If you are planning to visit Brazil, the end of the year will surely be hotter than usual around here.


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